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RPI repairs, rebuilds and remanufactures GE* traction motors, including:


752 AF, AG, AH and E Models


* “GE” and “General Electric” are trade designations of General Electric Company. RPI is not an authorized GE distributor and is not otherwise associated or affiliated with GE. RPI does represent that its replacement parts, components, subsystems and services are compatible with and usable on GE locomotives and engines.
1.1.2014 - RPI Expands Traction Motor Cable Offering
RPI a long standing manufacturer of EMD compatible cables expands into GE cables.
1.1.2014 - RPI Now Managing GlasMex/Hesgon
RPI shifts strategic position to directly manage GlasMex/Hesgon tape and coil manufacturing plant.
1.1.2014 - RPI to Build New AR10's
Building the classic AR10 design generator with CA5 companion alternator.