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We offer a choice of repair, rebuild or remanufacturing services for all assemblies or components, and our unit exchange program for armatures, coils, traction motors, generators and alternators helps keep service interruptions to a minimum.*

We can also tailor manufacturing processes and customize our products and services to meet your exacting demands and specifications. That flexibility allows us to operate on a very large scale
if needed and as a "job shop" for small projects, giving you the best of both worlds. We provide product development, improvement and upgrade services as well, and even serve as a primary supplier of armatures, coils, coil kits, commutators and other items to in-house locomotive shops and other locomotive rebuilders.

*Some of our products are manufactured exclusively for specific customers.
1.1.2014 - RPI Expands Traction Motor Cable Offering
RPI a long standing manufacturer of EMD compatible cables expands into GE cables.
1.1.2014 - RPI Now Managing GlasMex/Hesgon
RPI shifts strategic position to directly manage GlasMex/Hesgon tape and coil manufacturing plant.
1.1.2014 - RPI to Build New AR10's
Building the classic AR10 design generator with CA5 companion alternator.