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Your railroad needs them to stay in service for as long as reasonably possible. To make the absolute most of your investment. When just a few lost days can be the difference between profit and loss, you need them to carry the freight, so to speak.

It's also what you need from your electrical component remanufacturer. You need an organization that provides quality repairs and rebuilds in a timely manner and gets your
components back in service quickly, at a reasonable price. A reliable partner to minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

That's what we do. In fact, it's all we do. We're Rail Products International and we're a leading provider of electrical component remanufacturing services to the railroad industry. We're the one-stop shop for all your locomotive electrical traction component repair, rebuild and remanufacturing needs. And we always go the extra mile for you.
1.1.2014 - RPI Expands Traction Motor Cable Offering
RPI a long standing manufacturer of EMD compatible cables expands into GE cables.
1.1.2014 - RPI Now Managing GlasMex/Hesgon
RPI shifts strategic position to directly manage GlasMex/Hesgon tape and coil manufacturing plant.
1.1.2014 - RPI to Build New AR10's
Building the classic AR10 design generator with CA5 companion alternator.